The Pier Crossroads

Number 3 on map

Wild Atlantic Way Sign

Sherkin Island is part of the Wild Atlantic Way and here is your opportunity to take your picture under Sherkin Island’s photo point.

And take a rest before you begin your walk at the rose covered, hand made seat built on Sherkin Island.


Creamery and Shops

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Island Walks

At approximately 5 km x 3 km, the island provides several easy walks. The map featuring the Active Islands coloured-coded walking routes is on display at this crossroads, which is one of two main junctions on the island. This app is based around these routes, with locations colour-coded accordingly.

The walks were developed as part of a Sports Hub with West Cork Islands Community Council and the Sports Partnership.
On all routes access is good, although parts of the purple route are not suitable for buggies or those with challenged mobility. Please note that the only circular route is the purple one. All others travel out to an end point and return by the same route.


Signposts for routes

All along the islands roads you will find signposts such as these giving you directions for each of the colour coded walks. 



Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax
Cág cosdearg

Choughs visit and breed on Sherkin. They have long, curved, red bills.

Red Admiral Butterfly

Vanessa atalanta
Aimiréal dearg

In late spring and early summer large numbers of this butterfly fly over to Ireland from continental Europe.

Yellow Flag Iris

Iris pseudacorus

The Yellow Flag appears from May to July and is Ireland’s only native iris.

Irish Mountain Hare

Lepus timidus hibernicus
Giorria sléibhe Éireannach

The Irish Hare has returned to Sherkin in recent times after an absence of many years.