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Discover Your Artistic Destiny: Enroll in BAVA Sherkin’s BA Visual Art (Hons) Programme 

Step into the world of BAVA Sherkin, where your artistic dreams transform into tangible reality. Are you ready to take the leap and pursue your passion for art? Look no further than our BA Visual Art (Hons) Degree Programme at Sherkin Island.

At BAVA Sherkin, we understand that your artistic journey is unique. That’s why our programme is designed to nurture your creativity and develop your skills across drawing, painting, digital art and sculpture, and a thorough mastery of the materials, techniques and skills appropriate to your own artistic interests. Guided by expert staff from TU Dublin and Sherkin Island, you’ll embark on a transformative four-year journey, driven by your own interests and inspired by the beauty of island life.

Here’s what awaits you:

Dedication: Commitment to two weekends every month, Friday to Sunday, from mid-September to early May, over four enriching years.

Growth: Unleash your artistic potential and refine your craft.

Immersion: Immerse yourself in the natural wonders of Sherkin Island and its serene surroundings.

Affordability: Benefit from lower accommodation costs in a setting away from urban expenses.

Authenticity: Gain hands-on experience of life as a professional artist under the mentorship of industry experts.

Flexibility: Ideal for those juggling work and/or family commitments and seeking a non-traditional path to education.  

– Success: Join our esteemed alumni who have carved out diverse careers, from independent artists to influential educators and community advocates.

Our graduates emerge as resilient individuals, blending creativity with practicality. Many have flourished as independent artists, crafting careers that harmonise with their unique lifestyles. Others have found purpose working with organisations dedicated to enriching communities through art, within educational institutions like the ETB or vibrant cultural hubs like Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre. 

A significant portion have pursued advanced academic studies at Master’s and PhD levels. Armed with their expertise and passion, several alumni have chosen to give back by mentoring budding artists, igniting a new wave of creative exploration.

Whether you’re dreaming of a career in the arts or seeking to enhance your creative expression, BAVA Sherkin offers a unique third-level experience tailored to your aspirations. Join us and bring your passion to fruition. Apply now to embark on a journey of artistic excellence and personal fulfilment. 

Contact us:

Majella O’Neill Collins 086 8771765

If you have any Questions

Contact us:

Majella O’Neill Collins 086 8771765

If you have any Questions or wish to Enroll

BA (hons) in Visual Art is a community-based, four year, honours degree, visual art programme based on Sherkin Island. It is fully accredited, managed and delivered by the Dublin School of Creative Arts, Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin) in partnership with Sherkin Island Development Society (SIDS) and Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre, and is part-funded by the Department of  Rural and Community Development and Cork County Council.